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Kat's Funkaholic playing "All She Wants to do is Dance" by Don Henley at Stray Cat Lounge 5.9.14

JUST ADDED! Kat's Funkaholic playing "Hold me" by Sheila E at North 42 - 6.16.17 -Jamming after the crowd left. We kept the camera running!

Kat's Funkaholic playing "Love Bizarre" by Sheila E. at Stray Cat Lounge 5.9.14

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She’s the Queen of Sax in Detroit. The moody, funky, gritty notes that Kat plays on her venerable brass instrument have energized the stages of nightclubs and festivals across Detroit for decades. She is a remarkable artist and entertainer. Kat spans multiple music genres. She can lay down a heavy Funk melody that will mesmerize an audience, then bust out with some Rock music, and then easily shift to Pop, Soul, or Jazz. Her musical versatility and repertoire appeals to a wide range of fans. READ MORE....

See Kat's show schedule “live” with KAT ORLANDO's FUNKAHOLIC or buy her CDs!! Please give a listen and help spread the word. Kat also appears with popular dance band, Hidden Agenda along with her husband, Larry Pinho.

KAT ORLANDO: Detroit Music Award Nominee 2013 - Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist, Detroit Music Award Nominee 2015 - Outstanding Urban/Funk Musician, Detroit Music Award Nominee 2016 - Outstanding Urban/Funk Vocalist

"Kat Orlando is at the opposite end of the musical spectrum. This pop-soul diva has played around town in various bands for a few years now, playing highly polished music that seems to sit somewhere between Gloria Estefan and Morris Day and the Time. Poster Child is the EP, and it includes a fun cover of Hall & Oates’ “Adult Education”. This will be too shiny and clean for many, but the girl can sure play the sax". -Brett Callwood / Metrotimes review of "Poster Child"


CONTACT AT: katorlando@hotmail.com

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