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THE BAND: Kat's Funkaholic

The group has been together over the years in various formations. While the band is poised for any showcase/opening act scenarios and festival shows as a vehicle for Kat's own music from her CDs, they are also good to rock any nightclub with additional cover versions of other artists material! Picture Sheila E meets Candy Dulfer and you get Kat's "live" show. Add in some Funk (P-Funk, Brides of Funkenstein) Jazz (Marcus Miller), Rand B (Tina Marie, Ceelo Green) and some Rock (Rolling Stones, Don Henley, Talking Heads). What do you get? Let's call it Funk 'n Roll!

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Funkaholic: The Players

  • Vocals and Saxophone: Kat Orlando
  • Keyboards: Jeff Campbell
  • Guitar: Larry Pinho
  • Bass: Ray Smith
  • Drums: Jim Pryor
  • Background Vocals: Chrissy Morgan, Debbie Porchiran
  • To view or download the BAND SONGLIST CLICK HERE!

    To view or download the COMPLETE PROMO PACK CLICK HERE!

    BOOKINGS contact: katorlando@hotmail.com

    Kat's Funkaholic Band and Duo SCHEDULE

    Don't have the room or budget for a full band? Try the Kat Duo. Kat Orlando and Larry Pinho, guitarist, play all your favorites for most any venue or event!! see video below!

    Kat Duo Video

    To view or download the DUO SONGLIST CLICK HERE!

    BOOKINGS contact: katorlando@hotmail.com