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About Kat's Music

Kat's biggest musical influences include artists such as Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and Bonnie Raitt, to name only a few. When it comes to sax players that she aspires to, Dave Koz, David Sanborn and Candy Dulfer are on top of the list. Growing up in Detroit, raised on Motown, Funk and Rock, Kat wrote what she considers pop, love songs that either come from her own experience or are purely fiction. Either way, they are funky dance grooves with infectious melodies you won't get out of your head easily! Kat works with top musicians in Detroit on this recording.

"Kat Orlando is at the opposite end of the musical spectrum. This pop-soul diva has played around town in various bands for a few years now, playing highly polished music that seems to sit somewhere between Gloria Estefan and Morris Day & the Time. Poster Child is the EP, and it includes a fun cover of Hall & Oates’ “Adult Education”. This will be too shiny and clean for many, but the girl can sure play the sax."-Brett Callwood, Metrotimes, February 27, 2013

My Funky World by Kat Orlando

Kisses Everyday by Kat Orlando

  • Produced and arranged by KV Fowler at KV’s Imagination
  • Mastered by Tom Taylor at Uncle Tunes Productions